• Edward Rosenfeld

    Edward Rosenfeld

    Serial entrepreneur. Family Business owner and former consultant. Views the world through an anthropological lens.

  • Nick Fernandez, PhD

    Nick Fernandez, PhD

  • jenna rosen

    jenna rosen

    mpa graduate focusing on public policy & criminal justice reform // recovering music publicist // suffering knicks fan // shoe obsessed

  • Donnie Fulton

    Donnie Fulton

  • Dan OHalloran

    Dan OHalloran

    Non-conventional exploration

  • Julie A.

    Julie A.

  • Jeffrey Guillot

    Jeffrey Guillot

    Partner, Millennial Strategies, LLC. Political Science Professor. Suburban Dad. Presenting tangible solutions to complex problems. jguillot@millennialstrat.com

  • Miranda Jackel

    Miranda Jackel

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